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  • 07-03-2023

    The epidemic, which has lasted for three years, has had a huge impact on the economies of all countries, and international trade has been particularly affected. Many countries have experienced export obstacles and large trade deficits.In 2022, China's foreign trade withstood multiple pressures that

  • 17-02-2023

    Development prospect of laser industry

  • 30-01-2023

    为什么选择神绘?Why choose Liaocheng Shenhui Company?1. 悠久的历史 起自1997: long history, since 19972. 规模大,33000平方米:big scale, factory area 33000m23. 人才高聚集地,研究员37人,博士硕士研究生16人,博士生导师3人:High-level talent gathering place, 37 researchers, 16 masters and doctors, 3 doctoral supervisors;4. 技术实力强, 集光、电、精密机械、数控及现代管理为一体:

  • 11-01-2023

    China's laser technology is one of the world's advanced science and technology, in the initial stage of China's rapid development of laser technology, both the quantity and quality, and the international level at that time close, an innovative technology can so quickly catch up with the world's adv

  • 02-01-2023

    Liaocheng Shenhui Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1997. It covers an area of 33,000 square meters and employs 257 people. It is a famous manufacturer of laser and CNC in China, a national high-tech enterprise, a software enterprise, and a provincial-level brand-name product enterprise,

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