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Why choose laser cutting machine?

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Why choose laser cutting machine?

In many areas of industry, laser cutting is now becoming more popular because of its relative speed, accuracy, and affordability when considering all cutting methods available. But there is always many other options for the manufacturers to choose. So what is the advantage of laser cutting machine? Why should we choose it?This article gives an answer.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

  1. The types of traditional cutting methods

  2. The advantages of laser cutting machine comparing to traditional cutting machine

  • The types of traditional cutting methods

Flame cutting

Flame cutting is the most primitive traditional cutting method. Its investment is low, but the processing quality is not high. It is now mainly used to cut steel plates over 40 mm thick. Its disadvantages are that the thermal deformation is too large during cutting, the slit is too wide, the data is destroyed, the processing speed is too slow, and it is only suitable for roughing.

Plasma incision

Plasma cutting and precision plasma cutting are similar to flame cutting. The heat affected zone is too large, the accuracy is far greater than flame cutting, and the speed has an order of magnitude leap. It has become the main force of medium plate processing. The actual cutting accuracy of domestic high-end CNC precision plasma cutting machines has reached the lower limit of laser cutting. When cutting 22mm carbon steel plate, the speed can reach more than 2 meters per minute, and the cutting end surface is flat and smooth. The best slope is controlled within 1.5 degrees. The disadvantage is that the thermal deformation of the steel plate is too large, the slope is also large, the reactive power is high when the accuracy is high, and the consumables are expensive.

High presure water incision

High-pressure water cutting is the use of high-speed water jet doped diamond to cut metal plates. It has no restrictions on raw materials, and the thickness of the cut can reach more than 100mm. Suitable for thermal cutting of ceramics, glass and other materials. Broken raw materials can also be cut, and copper, aluminum, etc. can cut waterjets that have high reflection data on lasers. Laser cutting has great obstacles. The disadvantages of water cutting are that the processing speed is too slow, dirty, environmentally friendly, and the consumables are high.

  • The advantages of laser cutting machine comparing to traditional cutting machine

(1) The cutting quality of CNC laser cutting machine is the best. If you need to cut low carbon steel plate, CNC laser cutting machine is the best. The cutting surface is very smooth. You don't need to add any other processes. It can be used directly to make products.

(2) CNC laser cutting machine can cut all kinds of materials. Such as carbon steel, stainless steel, acrylic plate and so on. Plasma cutting machines are not as good as laser cutting machines. Benchtop plasma cutting torches are easily damaged.

(3) CNC laser cutting machine has high working efficiency. The cutting accuracy of parts can reach 0.05mm. Laser cutting machines can save more material than other types of CNC cutting machines.

(4) CNC laser cutting machine is a kind of non-contract processing. It's not a tool issue. You also don’t need to change the device.

(5) Laser cutting machine has little pollution. No smoke and other gas pollution.

In conclusion, CNC laser cutting machine have these advantages compared with traditional CNC cutting machine. The cutting quality is very high. Laser cutting machine can cut variety kinds of material. The pollution is low. The operation is very easy. That’s why laser cutting machine is becoming more and more popular in all kinds of industry right now.We also produce lots of machines like laser engraving machine,cnc wood working machine, more information click website.




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