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  • Laser hollowing machine application: engraving characters and patterns on greeting card paper products

    Nowadays, packaging boxes, greeting cards, paper and other supplies have their own advantages and disadvantages, but they are all inseparable from the use of laser hollowing machines. The paper packaging box laser hollowing machine is a new type of processing equipment specially developed for the pa Read More

  • Application of laser engraving machine in advertising industry

    Advertisement is a publicity means to pass information to the public openly and widely through a certain form of media for a specific need. Advertisement includes effect advertisement and commercial advertisement. The application of laser technology in the advertising industry has only developed in China in recent years. It is a product of the high-tech field. Advertising is an information product extended by the market. The organic combination of the two can play a significant advertising effect. Read More

  • Non-woven felt wedding products laser processing solution

    Wedding supplies mainly refer to the products and props used in weddings and weddings. With the continuous development of the wedding industry, non-woven wedding supplies are also full of variety. Read More

  • Laser processing solutions for clothing and leather

    Clothing laser cutting machine has low price and low consumption, and because laser processing has no mechanical pressure on the workpiece, the effect, accuracy and cutting speed of the cut product are very good. It runs smoothly, automatically closes the edges without loosening, the cuts are fine a Read More

  • Laser marking of hardware accessories

    Hardware jewelry, as its name implies, is a jewelry made from hardware materials. He appears in every corner of life, from the building to the key chain. Hardware accessories mainly include trinkets, mobile phone accessories, cartoon characters, wearing accessories, twelve constellations, zodiac sig Read More

  • Food, medicine, mineral water bottle laser coding is more efficient

    It is mainly used for accurate laser coding of packaging, bottles, cans, bags and other materials such as beverages, food, drugs, tobacco and alcohol. The main content of the code: the three-phase marking of the package, the electronic supervision code of the medicine box and the two-dimensional cod Read More

  • Application of Shenhua laser engraving machine in seal seal industry

    A seal is used as a stationery printed on a document to indicate identification or signing; a seal is a production process that uses tools (computers, seal engraving machines, etc.) to engrav certain graphics on the seal materials. The school has a school registration management chapter and a teachi Read More

  • Laser engraving solutions for wooden crafts

    China's bamboo and wood crafts have a long history. Bamboo and wood crafts refer to bamboo carvings, wood carvings, and decorative ornaments made of bamboo or wood. Bamboo and wooden handicrafts are not only decorative but also practical, such as bamboo curtains, wooden screens, and bamboo mats.The Read More





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