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  • 21-04-2020

    In many areas of industry, laser cutting is now becoming more popular because of its relative speed, accuracy, and affordability when considering all cutting methods available. But there is always many other options for the manufacturers to choose. So what is the advantage of laser cutting machine? Why should we choose it?This article gives an answer.

  • 02-04-2020

    In the marking of metal and plastic using a laser marking machine, there is a range of setting parameters for reference tests. The speed is adjustable from 100-2000, the power is adjustable from 30-80, and the frequency is 5-30. Depending on the different materials and the marking effect you want, a new operator may need to perform dozens of experiments to understand the ideal marking parameters for each material, even some experienced engineers have to try several times. This article gives a brief introduction about laser marking frequency,power,speed for a laser marking machine .

  • 31-03-2020

    Buying industrial laser cutting machines can be a very important investment for manufacturers. This is not just the initial price you pay, but the fact that the purchase will have a huge impact on the entire manufacturing process. If you choose the wrong device, you have to endure a considerable period of adverse effects.

  • 04-12-2019

    Seal anti-counterfeiting should vigorously strengthen the application of high technology in the seal industry. Seal anti-counterfeiting is also a complex system project. Shenhua Laser is looking forward to contributing to the advancement and prosperity of the seal anti-counterfeiting technology.

  • 18-11-2019

    Can be customized, and engraved different graphics, regardless of wooden, silicone, plastic mobile phone shell, as long as the desired pattern lines are outlined, the laser engraving machine can be easily handled to meet customer needs.

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