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Industry News

  • 04-12-2019

    Seal anti-counterfeiting should vigorously strengthen the application of high technology in the seal industry. Seal anti-counterfeiting is also a complex system project. Shenhua Laser is looking forward to contributing to the advancement and prosperity of the seal anti-counterfeiting technology.

  • 18-11-2019

    Can be customized, and engraved different graphics, regardless of wooden, silicone, plastic mobile phone shell, as long as the desired pattern lines are outlined, the laser engraving machine can be easily handled to meet customer needs.

  • 11-11-2019

    Laser marking machines are everywhere in our field of vision. With the prevalence of marking machines, merchants are taking advantage of this business opportunity to produce a wide variety of markings, as well as codes and QR codes with various strip types. , our business cards, bags, clothes, cars, it is simple to operate, fast, and stable operation.

  • 05-11-2019

    The traditional metal nameplate marking method is printing, which can no longer meet the requirements of high-quality product processing requirements and social environmental protection requirements. The laser marking metal nameplate is illuminated by a high-energy laser beam on the surface of the metal nameplate, causing chemical and physical changes in the surface material of the metal nameplate to "engraving" the traces, leaving the desired pattern, text, barcode and other graphics.

  • 01-11-2019

    Jeans series engraving pattern polishing watermarkLaser machines have begun to show their talents in the field of clothing. The patterns and polished watermarks of the denim collections are favored by consumers all over the world.



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