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  • 17-02-2023

    Development prospect of laser industry

  • 09-12-2022

    International trade faces the challenge of weakening global economic growthThe foreign trade situation is grim, mainly affected by the global macroeconomic downturn.Changjiang Securities said that since the outbreak of the epidemic in November, the PMI of the U.S. manufacturing industry fell below t

  • 03-11-2022

    In recent years, the laser industry is gradually expanding, which also makes the use of laser marking machine more and more. The most common laser marking machines on the market are mainly CO2 laser marking machines and fiber laser marking machines. In this article, we will analyze the market outloo

  • 17-10-2022

    Laser industry observation: the scale and trend of China's laser market in 2022

  • 12-10-2022

    In many areas of industry, laser cutting is now becoming more popular because of its relative speed, accuracy, and affordability when considering all cutting methods available. But there is always many other options for the manufacturers to choose. So what is the advantage of laser cutting machine? Why should we choose it?This article gives an answer.

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