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  • 30-05-2021

    In the metalworking industry, which occupies a large part of the industrial manufacturing system, many metal materials, regardless of their hardness, can be cut without distortion. This demand has led to the creation of laser cutting machines. Although our laser cutting machines are still in their infancy, the different types of laser cutting machines have added new life to the vast market. This article will give a brief introduction and analysis of laser cutting machines.

  • 29-05-2021

    In many areas of industry, laser cutting is now becoming more popular because of its relative speed, accuracy, and affordability when considering all cutting methods available. But there is always many other options for the manufacturers to choose. So what is the advantage of laser cutting machine? Why should we choose it?This article gives an answer.

  • 25-05-2021

    The laser engraving machine is a new type of laser data processing equipment, mainly used for crafts, furniture, glass products, wood products, advertising, decoration and many other fields. Although it is widely used, there are still many people who do not know how to properly use and maintain the laser engraving machine, which can make the laser engraving machine malfunctioning situation. This article will combine the characteristics of the laser engraving machine, a simple analysis of the failure situation.

  • 21-05-2021

    With the progress of technology, laser technology began to appear in people's lives, laser engraving is a typical example. By definition, laser engraving processing is based on the use of CNC technology and laser as the processing medium. Processing materials in the laser engraving irradiation instantaneous melting and vaporisation of physical denaturation, can make laser engraving to achieve the purpose of processing. This article is going to introduce the Cain with laser engraving related, it is the laser engraving machine.

  • 18-05-2021

    Laser marking, laser etching and laser engraving are becoming more and more popular due to industry and government regulations for clear and legible product and component identification. All three laser services provide a permanent marking solution that meets regulations and increases the differentiation of your products and components. Although these three technologies look similar, there are actually many differences between these laser marking machines. This article tells all about it.

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