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Laser Engraving Machine

1.Laser engraving machine is mainly used for engraving on various non-metal materials such as wood,acryllic,leather etc. It can engrave/cut almost all designs. Fast speed,high precision,support BMP, Al, PLT,GIF,CDR graphic formats;

2.Small size occupation, can send by air/dhl.

3.High precision linear guide rail and stepping motor, equipped with light laser head quick motion.

4.Laser engraving machine is economic, It is mainly suitable for individualized fine processing such as seals, business cards, gifts, greeting cards, etc.operating cost is less than $2/hour.

5.Mainly sending to agents and trading companies.

6.This laser engraving machine is equipped with DSP Control System for RDdraw directly,also supports CoreDraw and Auto CAD and other advance software. It must connect with computer with USB cable when you change the settings of machine for the design files,you can transfer the file with USB memory stick to the machine, or can download it to the machine directly with USB cable from computer. Even on the same Job, you can do setting with different colour in the software and also can making holes.And it can the legs separate from the main body of the machine. The machine has doors which can be opened to accommodate larger materials.

7.Laser engraving machine can install rotary attachment, work on irregular shapes.




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