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Laser hollowing machine application: engraving characters and patterns on greeting card paper products

Nowadays, packaging boxes, greeting cards, paper and other supplies have their own advantages and disadvantages, but they are all inseparable from the use of laser hollowing machines. The paper packaging box laser hollowing machine is a new type of processing equipment specially developed for the paper product industry. It reduces labor costs and eliminates the cost of secondary mold opening. It can be used for life with one investment. It can design patterns at will without graphic restrictions. No secondary processing is necessary for one-time molding.

Laser hollowing machine is used in various fields: greeting cards, light and shadow paper carving lights, red envelope invitations, wedding candy boxes, cake inserts and other paper products industries. With its unique design and high-performance configuration, it has greatly improved the efficiency of work and has become Indispensable equipment in the paper product industry, gradually occupy the paper product processing market.

Lifelike, delicate and soft, the toughness of the steel struck by the laser is revealed in the softness. Picking up these masterpieces by hand makes people cautious and cherish them. No matter what kind of pattern you need to make, it can be quickly hollowed out. Isn’t it magical? A piece of white paper can be transformed into various patterns and words. In addition to a single object, she can also carve various scenes on white paper. There is no need to say a word, a white paper tells every story! The laser hollowing machine is such a magical, from drawing to completion only need 3 minutes.



The laser engraving machine equipped with Liaocheng Shenhui Laser can realize the engraving of LOGO trademarks, patterns, text, scales, QR codes, serial numbers, symbols, anti-counterfeiting codes, codes, barcodes, etc. on wood products, paper, plastics, silicone and other products. , Wuhan Sangong laser marking machine equipment has fast engraving speed, high production efficiency, long service life, simple operation, zero consumables, only need to be powered on, pattern text can be modified at will, labor saving, safety and environmental protection, zero pollution, engraved text and patterns have Long-term non-fading and non-shedding effect.






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