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  • 26-08-2020

    If you ever owned a laser marking machine or you are familiar with laser marking machine, then you probably know the three most common settings that affect part marking: speed, power and frequency, this article is all but about the three parameters and the relationship between them.

  • 24-08-2020

    Automated laser marking machines are becoming more common in various types and sizes of metalworking shops. The reasons companies turn to automated laser cutting machine often differ in different situations, but ultimately it comes down to one thing: increasing capacity, accelerating production, and increasing productivity to meet growing demand. This article tell the reson why you should choose automatic laser cutting machine and how to choose.

  • 22-08-2020

    In the past few years, as the prices of core components such as the upstream laser cutting head, laser and laser cutting control system of laser cutting equipment have been declining, and the technical strength, brand strength, and marketing strength of domestic laser cutting equipment companies hav

  • 21-08-2020

    The supply of clean drinking water has always been regarded as a basic human right in many regions, but the situation in many parts of the world is very different. The third world has been struggling for clean drinking water. A new type of laser-based aluminum sanitation system can help developing c

  • 20-08-2020

    This year's "examination" is really so many and difficult! The first is the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and then the resumption of work and production, ensuring people's livelihood and employment... Fortunately, we have overcome various difficulties and obstacles in u

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