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why choose liaocheng shenhui company

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why choose liaocheng shenhui company

为什么选择神绘?Why choose Liaocheng Shenhui Company?

1. 悠久的历史 起自1997: long  history, since 1997

2. 规模大,33000平方米:big scale, factory area 33000m2

3. 人才高聚集地,研究员37人,博士硕士研究生16人,博士生导师3人:High-level talent gathering place, 37 researchers, 16 masters and doctors, 3 doctoral supervisors;

4. 技术实力强, 集光、电、精密机械、数控及现代管理为一体:  Strong technical strength, integrating light, electricity, precision machinery, CNC and modern management.

5. 协作单位多,北京理工大学,山东激光研究所,山东大学晶体研究所,合肥激光研究所聊城大学等:  Many collaborating units, Beijing Institute of Technology, Shandong Laser Research Institute, Crystal Research Institute of Shandong University, Hefei Laser Research Institute, Liaocheng University, etc.

6. 产品种类多:Co2激光,光纤激光,数控机等:  A wide range of products: Co2 laser, fiber laser, CNC router machine, etc.

7. 产品认证多: CE, FDA, TUV等: certificates: CE, FD,TUV and so on

8. 专利众多 记42项:total 42 patents

9. 质量控制严格,采购、生产、质检等环节严格把关,确保产品合格出厂:Strict quality control, strict checks on procurement, production, quality inspection, etc., to ensure that products are qualified for delivery;

10. 销售团队素质高,拥有英语、日语、韩语、俄语等专业销售人才: The sales team is of high quality and has professional sales talents in English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, etc.

11. 合作伙伴多, 除易趣,亚马逊外,产品出口到160个国家和地区: many partners, except for eBay and Amazon, the products are exported to 160 countries and regions.

12. 供应能力强,年生产、销售15000台: Strong supply capacity, annual production and sales of 15,000 sets

13. 优良的售后团队,可通过电话、邮箱、微信、远程控制等提供24小时在线服务: Excellent after-sales team, providing 24-hour online service by phone, email, WeChat, remote control, etc.

14. 可靠的质保政策,质保期内免费维修并提供相应配件: Reliable quality assurance policy, free maintenance and corresponding accessories during the warranty period;

15. 研发实力强,可根据客户需求定制机器:Strong research and development capabilities, can customize the machine according to customer needs:


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