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why choose liaocheng shenhui company 2

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why choose liaocheng shenhui company 2

Why choose shenhui laser company?

1.  long  history, since 1997

2. big scale, factory area 33000m2

3. High-level talent gathering place, 37 researchers, 16 masters and doctors, 3 doctoral supervisors;

4.  Strong technical strength, integrating light, electricity, precision machinery, CNC and modern management.

5.  Many collaborating units, Beijing Institute of Technology, Shandong Laser Research Institute, Crystal Research Institute of Shandong University, Hefei Laser Research Institute, Liaocheng University, etc.

6.  A wide range of products: Co2 laser, fiber laser, CNC router machine, etc.

7.  certificates: CE, FD,TUV and so on

8. total 42 patents

9. Strict quality control, strict checks on procurement, production, quality inspection, etc., to ensure that products are qualified for delivery;

10.  The sales team is of high quality and has professional sales talents in English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, etc.

11.  many partners, except for eBay and Amazon, the products are exported to 160 countries and regions.

12.  Strong supply capacity, annual production and sales of 15,000 sets

13.  Excellent after-sales team, providing 24-hour online service by phone, email, WeChat, remote control, etc.

14.  Reliable quality assurance policy, free maintenance and corresponding accessories during the warranty period;

15. Strong research and development capabilities, can customize the machine according to customer needs.


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