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  • Can we use our own brand on your machine?

    Yes, you can. 
    We can print your logo when send machines.

    We support OEM.
  • What files is the software compatible with?

  • How to choose suitable laser cutter/engraver?

    Need tell us the below information, we suggest suitable model.

    1. What material will you cut/engrave?
    2. Max operating area?
    3. Max cutting/engraving thickess?

  • Is it easy to learn and operate laser machine?

    • Yes,we send detailed machine manual and software. 
    • We provide free training in our company and 24 hours online after-sale service.
    • Our engineer can visit your address and solve problems.
  • What function are water chiller, rotary, double head,honeycomb working table?

    • Water chiller is for cooling tube,similar to air conditioner.:)) 
    •  Rotary is for engraving on cylinder,irregular objects,like pen,cup,gourd etc...
    • Double head,working effect will be two times.
    • Honeycomb working table is for cutting leather,fabric etc..soft materials.
  • How does laser cutting work?

    Laser cutters create designs and patterns by cutting into materials. It is subtractive manufacturing technology that the machine use a powerful laser beam source to melt, burn, or vaporize material away. A laser cutter typically follows directions from computer numerical control (CNC). 


    The process starts with an extremely small laser beam that is emitted from a tube when a current passes through. This current causes the laser to reflect off a partial mirror and point through a focal lens in the machine head. Following the vector file that holds the 2D design, the laser beam cuta away at  a materials until the image is completed. These laser cutting machines are highly capable of creating finely detailed patterns with a high-quality surface finish. There is a wide range of laser cutting techniques and compatible materials that you can use. 

  • How to Design for Laser Cutting?

    When creating a design or pattern for laser cutting, you can use eigher 2D or 3D softare. Laser cutters essentially function like an average 2D inkjet printer but come with drivers that allow the laser cutting machine follow specific designs. While these specific drivers are highly common in 2D design software, there is less support from 3D software.  


    Graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator and free drawing tools like AutoCAD are ideal 2D programs for laser cutting technology. 

  • Laser Cutting Techniques

    Vector Cutting: With vector cutting, the laser beam is continuously fired, cutting directly through the material. This technique is solely used for vector graphics and extremely small lines. 


    Raster Engraving: Contrary to vector cutting, the rastering process burns off only the top layer of the materials instead of cutting all the way through it. The design is engraved in a different color, integrating the image within the selected materials. To do this, the laser is usually preset to a lower power level. Instead of a high-powered pulsing beam, the laser cutter unfurls finely detailed dots to produce the design without cutting through the material. 

  • Cutting Thickness

    It depends on the material and thickness. Generally, small power is mainly for engraving and cutting thinner materials,Big power is mainly for cutting thick materials,

    Below is for a reference.

  • How to send parts/machines?

    1. Laser tube, suggest send by DHL,DHL has insurance,once broken, can send new tubes.

    2. Small machines, you can send by DHL/air, DHL is door to door, they will send to your address,if send by air, they will send machines to the airport of your countries.

    3. Big size machines,suggest send by sea, we will send the machines to the seaport of your country, then you can go to take machines with documents.
        We will send the documents to you.
  • Consumerable Parts

    laser tube and lens/mirrors
    lens/mirrors: warranty is 3 months, need clean it once dirty. Othersize, it will affect laser path.

    laser tube: lifetime is about 6000/10000hours. It depends on the tube brand. Generally, we use RECI/EFR/Yongli





    3m 123.jpg




    How to install


    Tube pictures after installing 



  • Laser tube

    Laser Tube Pictures

    EFR tube modelsRECI tube model




    3m 123.jpg




    Our after-sale service
    1) Making samples free of charge.
    2) 24 hours after-sale service.
    3) Prompt delivery
    4) Warranty 10 months,change free of charge if have any quality problem.
    5) Our engineer can be assigned to your country for testing and training as per your requirements.

    How to install


    Tube pictures after installing 


  • Accessories List

    Accessories of 120*90cm laser machine


    Accessories of 50*30cm laser machine


    Accessories of laser marking machine




  • Product List and application process

  • Packing and shipping

    Payment Terms

    Alibaba trade assurance

    L/C,T/T,Western Union,PayPal

    Production Time

    Begin production after 30% payment,send machines after full payment.

    Production time:3~15days

    Packing    1.Firstly, packed the laser machine with PE film for clearing and damp proofing
    2.Secondly, pack the laser machine by carton for safety and clashing.
    3.Thirdly, pack the machine with standard plywood case. 
    4.Lastly, put all machines into container carefully.
    Shipping  1.Send small machine or parts by DHL or TNT
    2.By air,by sea,by railway.
    Model Working Size L*W*H Volume(m³) Weight
    SH-K40 300*200mm 96*60*40CM 0.23 45kg
    SH-G350 500*300mm 107*76*71CM 0.58 100KG
    SH-G4040 400*400mm 106*86*36CM 0.35 50KG
    SH-G460 600*400mm 160*95*88CM 1.4 160KG
    SH-G460D 600*400mm 150*120*130cm 2.4 260kg
    SH-G570 700*500mm 132*100*115CM 1.52 200KG
    SH-G690 900*600mm 160*136*130CM 2.83 320KG
    SH-G1060 1000*600mm 174*166*130CM 3.75 420KG
    SH-G1290 1200*900mm 191*160*130CM 4.00CM 400KG
    SH-G1390 1300*900mm 200*190*130CM 5.00CM 460KG
    SH-G1610 1600*1000mm 250*200*140CM 7.00CM 700KG


    QQ20160328140233.jpg20141204_131940.jpg20141204_103803.jpg20140730_174542.jpgQQ20150402075330.jpgQQ20150402075324.jpg.png20141227_142404.jpg20141227_161000.jpgphotobank (2).jpgphotobank (3).jpg20150902_110409.jpg2513-2.jpg


  • Are you trading company or manufacturer?

    We are manufacturer.
    Our factory is 33000M2.
    Welcome to visit us!

  • Where is your factory?

    Address: No.28,huanghe road,Liaocheng city,Shandong province

  • What about the after-sale service

    Our service:

    .One year warranty for the whole machine.(,

    all parts are free if because of quality problem within one year);
    .Video and detailed manual sent with the machine;
    .24 hours online support.(skype: jane_2251)  Mb/whatsapp: +86-15666350806;
    .Professional technical support;
    .Free design and guide for customer;
    .Free software update;


    OEM Service:

    Besides the most competitive priceswe offer ODM and OEM service --- laser engraving/cutting machine could be customized exactly according to client's requirementswith functions and specifications appointed by clients


    Pre-Sales Service

    * Inquiry and consulting support. 

    * Sample testing support. 

    * View our Factory.

    After-Sales Service

    * Training how to instal the machine, training how to use the machine. 

    * Engineers available to service machinery overseas.



    (1). we will provide you one year warranty. In the first year, if any problem, we will exchange new parts for you and we pay for the dhl fee(not include the laser tube and mirrors consumables.).


    (2). to better serve you and assist you conveniently, we will provide you online technical support. If you have any question, you can discuss with our technician online by Skype, MSN, etc.


    (3). we also provide onsite service. If you need, we will send our technician to your house if only you help us with getting the visa and bear the costs like flight tickets, food, hotel, etc.

  • Terms of payment

    T/T,L/C,paypal,western union,Escrow
  • What certificate do you have






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