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  • Can mark on ring or not?


      ring marking
  • Why choose your company?

    We are a professional Industrial Solutions company in China. We’re more familiar with customer’s marking or engraving applications. So we’re in a position to recommend a more suitable model and provide free professional technology.
  • Can I get a sample to check the quality ?

    Yes, we are glad to offer you sample for test, And there is a discount for Trade Assurance Sample Order.
  • What's your MOQ?

    Normally one piece. If more, we can talk about discount. You can mix it with other laser machine parts shipping together . 
  • Can I get some discount if I order more ?

     Yes,The more you order,the more you save.
  • Machine features

    • FDA Compliant,CE Certification,ISO9001 Quality Certification.
    • USB Interface, U-Flash Disk Supported,Machine will read files from memory stick,you can work even without a PC.
    • Smooth and Precise Engraving and Cutting.
    • Manual up/down table.
    • Red Dot Pointer.Provides a visible means of determing engraving location.
    • Raster/Vector Color Mapping.Change your engraving speeds and power by using color settings.
    • Air Assist,Remove heat and combustible gases from the cutting surface and make the engraving and cutting projects a breeze.
    • Adjustable Speed and Power.Intuitive Control Panel,Set Speed, power and more controls directly from the laser.
    • Exhaust Fan system included.
    • Reinforced and thickened machine body make transportation absolutely to be safer and longer life time.
    • Cylinder Rotary Attachment,Engrave any cylindrical object.Process the cylinder object such as cup,brush pot,musical instrument and so on.
    • Separation of cutting up to 256 Colors.
    • Engrave almost anything on almost any surface.
    • 3 years free warranty and life time free maintenance service.


  • Applicable Materials

    Wood,bamboo,jade,marble,organic glass, crystal, plastic, garments, paper, leather, penelope, rubber, ceramic, glass, textile cutting, industrial prototyping, industrial marking, signmaking, medical part marking, aerospace, architectural modeling, specialty advertising, plastics fabricating, flexo, point of purchase, rubber stamps, picture framing, gift manufacturing, bar coding, engraving, gasket cutting, puzzles, cabinetry, awards & recognition, personalized pens, door pulls, cut scroll patterns, games & toys, finger joints, inlays & overlays, fraternity paddles, music boxes, light switch plates, jewelry boxes, parts marking, router templates, desk sets, scrap booking, photo albums, jewelry, crafts, Italian charms.
  • What's the difference between the different laser tubes?

    Generally,the power of the tube is decided by two parameters:
    1) the length of the tube,the longer the tube is, the more powerful.
    2) the diameter of the tube,the bigger the tube is, the more powerful.
  • Does your laser run from a laptop or Desktop PC

    Both can.
    It supports window 2000/XP/vista/win7~10.
    You can use your own computer.

    We can also send computer with machine.
  • About training and service?

    Most new users can learn to operate the machine about 30 minutes with the user manual and operation video.
    We also provide online training via TeamViewer, Skype, WhatsApp etc. If you need, I'll teach you operate it step by step online.
  • What watts of fiber laser marking machine should I choose?

    It depends on if you do depth engraving. If your main works do not need depth or just need a little depth, such as 0.01-0.1mm, then 20w is good enough, quick and easy. If you do depth engraving a lot or you will do the depth engraving a lot in future, then you can consider 30w, for same depth engraving, of course 30w will be quicker than 20w. There are also 50w, 70w etc. For most customers, 20w and 30w are good enough.
  • Consumables and operation cost of laser marking machine?

    Our fiber laser machines have no consumables and operation cost. You can use it for years without maintenance.
    Before send the machine to you, we will test it well. Marking software come with the CD, 2 boxes testing cards for free. 

  • What is a fiber laser marking machine for?

    Fiber laser marking machine is mainly used for marking and engraving metal materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, titanium etc. Of course, it can also mark some plastics.

  • When the machine can't work well, what should I do?

    1. The engineer is online for 24-hours, they can check the problems and then give you solution way very soon.

    2. All our machines have one-year warranty. If there is any problems of machine parts under " normal use", new machine parts will be sent to you but your side should pay the shipping cost.

    3. Operation videos and manual will be offered along with machine,ensuring you can operate the machine easily.
  • If we do not know to use the machine, can you teach us?

    Yes, we will.

    1. We send user manual with machines.

    2. We have installing and operating videos.

    3. We can teach by video chat.

    4. If visit our factory, we will give full training.

    5. We can also visit your address for training.

    Believe us, laser marking machine,laser engraving machine,laser marking machine, easy to operate.

  • How can I know your machine is designed for my product?

    You can send us samples of your product and we test it on machine.
    Then we will engrave or cut according to your requirements, then send samples picture to you or send samples back to you.
  • How to do control the quality when you produce laser equipment?

    1. All parts for laser cutting engraving machine will be tested before entering into warehouse.
    2. Machine will keep 24 hours working.
    3. We have professional quality department worker. And Quality inspection standards. 
  • What's your packaging?

    Packing    1.Firstly, packed the laser machine with PE film for clearing and damp proofing
    2.Secondly, pack the laser machine by carton for safety and clashing.
    3.Thirdly, pack the machine with standard plywood case. 
    4.Lastly, put all machines into container carefully.

  • Working speed

    Working Speed

    Materials Power Mode Speed(mm/s) Output(%) Interval
    Painted metal matrial 60w Scan 200 28-30 0.08

    5mm acrylic




    350 15-18 0.08
    40w Cut 6 85-90
    80w EFR Scan 350 20-20 0.08
    80W EFR Cut 14 85-90
    leather 40W Scan 300 11-11 0.08
    40W Cut 15 35
    80W EFR Cut 80 25-25
    Denim fabric 40W Cut 50 50-50
    40W Scan 350 10-10 0.1
    80W EFR Scan 350 16-16 0.1
    80W EFR Cut 70 35-35
    3mm plywood 40W Cut 15 65-70
    40W Dot 30 9-9
    40W Scan 350 15-15 0.08

  • Do you provide overseas services for your clients?

    We will charge service fee.





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