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What types of laser engraving machines can be divided into?

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What types of laser engraving machines can be divided into?

Lasers are used very common in the recent years.There are three different types of Laser sources for a laser engraving machine, including CO2, fiber and crystal (although CO2 and Fiber is the most common). Each laser source has its own unique ability. With the right laser source, you can make the most of these advantages to help your business, such as improving efficiency, accuracy and flexibility.The Following guide will help you determine which type of laser source is best for you.

The following guide including:

The three types of laser engraving machine

The CO2 laser engraving machine

The fiber laser engraving machine

The crystal laser engraving machines

1.  The three types of laser engraving machine

At the heart of every laser engraving machine system, there is a laser source. In short, a laser source excites light particles so that they emit energy in the form of light, which constitutes a laser beam. There are different types of laser sources including CO2, fiber and crystal.

2. The CO2 laser engraving machine

Carbon dioxide lasers are arguably the most widely used laser type of laser engraving machine because of their versatility. Carbon dioxide lasers are based on a carbon dioxide gas mixture, which is electrically stimulated. The CO2 laser works to vaporize the material, leaving dents or cuts in the material. It can cut and engrave a wide range of plastics, wood, paper, fabrics, rubber and cardboard. Carbon dioxide lasers can also engrave glass, ceramic, stone, and coated metals such as anodized aluminum or painted metal. You can even sculpt bare metal lasers on carbon dioxide. Use a coating or spray laser to permanently hit the metal. (After treatment, you just need to wipe off the coating or spray.)

The key features of the CO2 laser engraving machine are:

Broad system capabilities

High efficiency with good beam quality

There are usually many power options and bed sizes

Wavelength 10.6 microns ·

Most widely used

3. The fiber laser engraving machine

This fiber or YAG laser is used to mark or engrave bare metals and plastics for a laser engraving machine. Fiber lasers are best suited for methods such as metal annealing, metal engraving, and high contrast plastic marking. Fiber lasers change the material to mark the chemical composition of the material instead of evaporating the substance like a carbon dioxide laser. Rare laser sources are used to process rare earth metals. Fiber lasers produce extremely small focal lengths. As a result, they are 100 times stronger than the average power emitted by the same laser. Fiber lasers of laser engraving machine are generally maintenance-free and have a long life, at least 25,000 laser hours.

4. The vanadate laser engraving machines

Like fiber lasers, crystal lasers are ideal solid-state systems for marking applications and are usually pumped by diodes. Of these systems, the most common types are Nd: YAG (neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet) and Nd: YVO (neodymium-doped yttrium vanadate). The YAG system is named after the doped element neodymium and carrier crystals, providing 1.064 microns. Crystal laser systems also have wavelengths similar to fiber machines, so they are also suitable for marking plastics and metals.

Crystal laser systems use pump diodes on relatively expensive semiconductor components and need to be replaced after about 800 to 15,000 laser hours. In addition, these systems have a shorter life than fiber optic systems.

Crystal lasers are ideal for processing the following materials: metals, coated metals, plastics, and ceramics.

You can choose the right source type of laser engraving machine according to the business and the material you are about to engraving on. After reading this article, did you have a common knowledge of the three types? Have you already known how to choose a laser engraving machine? if you want to know CNC Wood Working MachineLaser Marking Machine.






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