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What are the precautions for using a laser cutting machine?

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What are the precautions for using a laser cutting machine?

In the metalworking industry, which occupies a large part of the industrial manufacturing system, many metal materials, regardless of their hardness, can be cut without distortion. This demand has led to the creation of laser cutting machines. Although our laser cutting machines are still in their infancy, the different types of laser cutting machines have added new life to the vast market. This article will give a brief introduction and analysis of laser cutting machines.


  • How does the laser cutting machine work?

  • How to use laser cutting machines safely?

  • Maintenance advice for laser cutting machines.


1. How does the laser cutting machine work?


laser cutting machine processing as a new processing method, with its advantages of accurate and fast processing, simple operation and high degree of automation, is gradually being widely used in many industries. It works on a simple principle, using a high energy density laser beam to heat the workpiece, causing the temperature to rise rapidly, reaching the boiling point of the material in a very short period of time, thus cutting different materials.


2. How to use laser cutting machines safely?


  • Identifying potential hazards

Before cutting a material, it is important to find out what it is made of. Do not work on a material until you know whether it can be irradiated or cut with a laser, as this creates a potential hazard of fumes and vapours.


  • Correct operation

The operator must be trained and familiar with the cutting software, the construction and performance of the equipment and have knowledge of the operating system. In addition, wear the required protective labour equipment and must wear protective eyewear in accordance with the regulations in the vicinity of the laser beam.


  • Carry a fire extinguisher with you

Always keep a fire extinguisher within easy reach to prevent accidents. In addition to this, turn off lasers or light gates when not processing; do not place paper, cloth or other flammable materials near unprotected laser beams.


In addition to the above-mentioned safety precautions, the operator should not leave his post or trustee to be in charge when the equipment is on, and should stop or cut off the power switch if he does need to leave. The laser cutting machine has a wide range of applications, but how to use it correctly is very important, we need to fully understand the characteristics of its work and the way.


3. Maintenance advice for laser cutting machines.


After using the laser cutting machine to reach a certain time, we need to regularly carry out the water tank. Cleaning. Before the machine works make sure that the laser tube is filled with circulating water, the quality and temperature of the circulating water directly affects the service life of the laser tube. So to regularly replace the circulating water and the water tank for cleaning. In addition, when the fan suction is not enough to exhaust smoke, the fan should be cleaned, which is also to ensure the working life of the laser cutting machine.


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