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What are the laser engraving machine applications?

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What are the laser engraving machine applications?

With the progress of technology, laser technology began to appear in people's lives, laser engraving is a typical example. By definition, laser engraving processing is based on the use of CNC technology and laser as the processing medium. Processing materials in the laser engraving irradiation instantaneous melting and vaporisation of physical denaturation, can make laser engraving to achieve the purpose of processing. This article is going to introduce the Cain with laser engraving related, it is the laser engraving machine.


·The laser engraving machine applications.

·Why use the laser engraving machine

·The working principle of laser engraving machine.


The laser engraving machine applications.


·Advertising Decoration

Advertising decoration is one of the main areas of application for laser engraving machines, specifically for the engraving of organic glass products, the laser production of medals and plaques and the engraving or cutting of other non-metallic plates.


·Printing and packaging

In the printing and packaging industry, laser engraving machines can be used for laser engraving of rubber plates, laser engraving of printing rolls and any synthetic material.



The apparel industry is also one of the most used industries for laser engraving machines, which are specifically used for leather and surface pattern engraving.


The above is the main application of laser engraving machine introduction, with the rapid development of optoelectronics technology, laser engraving technology is more and more widely used, engraving precision requirements are increasingly high. It is no exaggeration to say that we cannot live without laser engraving machines, which are used in almost all industries.


Why use the laser engraving machine


Laser engraving machines have many advantages which make them the prime choice in modern engraving technology. Firstly, laser engraving machines are very safe and reliable, they use non-contact processing and do not cause mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress to the material. During the work of the laser engraving machine, it does not harm the surface of the processed parts, and there is no deformation of the material.


Secondly, laser engraving machines are very efficient and the use of a laser engraver ensures that the same batch is processed in an identical manner. Users can immediately engrave and cut at high speed from the computer output of the drawing.


The working principle of laser engraving machine.


The principle of a laser engraving machine is laser cutting, which is the engraving of marks through the chemical-physical changes in the surface material caused by the light energy of the laser beam, or by the light energy burning off parts of the material. It is worth noting that the graphics to be etched can be divided into fractional engraving and vector cutting according to the engraving method. Laser engraving has a high energy density laser beam (it is a concentrated energy stream) irradiated on the surface of the material to be processed, the material surface absorbs the laser energy and produces a thermal excitation process in the irradiated area, thus causing the temperature of the material surface to rise and playing the effect of engraving.

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