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What are the "heatstroke prevention" tips for laser cutting machines?

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What are the "heatstroke prevention" tips for laser cutting machines?

After the beginning of summer, the temperature rose significantly, and the scorching summer strode towards us. At this time, rainfall is frequent and humidity is aggravated. Especially in a humid environment, it is easy to condense inside the laser, thereby reducing the performance of the laser and even causing damage.

So how to maintain the laser to reduce the probability of failure?

Laser working environment requirements:

1. Laser working environment temperature: 10℃-40℃

2. Humidity of laser working environment: 10% -80%


One: Configure an independent air-conditioned room for the laser

For example, when using a laser that does not have an air conditioner and is exposed to the working environment, once the cooling temperature is lower than the dew point temperature of the environment inside the laser, moisture will be deposited on the electrical and optical modules. At this time, if no measures are taken, the outer surface of the laser will start to follow the dew. Therefore, once you see condensation on the laser housing, it means that the internal environment has condensation, you must stop working immediately and immediately improve the laser working environment.

The solution is to configure an independent air-conditioned room for the laser.

Note: The set operating temperature of the laser cooling water must be higher than the dew point temperature of the equipment operating environment.

(It is strictly forbidden to set the temperature of the cooling water beyond the required range of the laser; at this time, the temperature and humidity of the environment where the laser is located must be adjusted through the air-conditioned room)

 ☆Laser damage caused by environmental condensation is not within the scope of normal laser warranty

Two: Precautions for the switch machine sequence

Boot sequence

1. Turn on the laser power switch;

2. Run the monitoring software for more than 15 minutes to observe the humidity display, and turn on the chiller when the humidity is lower than 50%;

3. Follow the steps to start the cutting operation.

Shutdown sequence

Please turn off the chiller first, and then turn off the laser switch.

☆It is strictly forbidden that the chiller continues to run after the laser is turned off; in summer, this situation will cause serious condensation inside the laser, which will be full of condensed water, which will seriously damage the laser.

Three: Eliminate condensation inside the laser cutting head

The high temperature waterway is used to cool the optical parts. The water temperature should be set between 26 ℃ and 30 ℃. The temperature of the waterway needs to be adjusted according to the ambient temperature and humidity. Generally speaking, the higher the ambient temperature, the greater the humidity. The water temperature should be increased accordingly. The water temperature setting of the high temperature waterway must be higher than the dew point temperature.

1. The cooling temperature is lower than the ambient dew point temperature, which will cause condensation inside the cutting head and the optical lens.

2. In a high-temperature and high-humidity environment, the incompletely vaporized cutting auxiliary gas is at a low temperature. When blowing causes the protective lens and the cutting head to be lower than the ambient dew point temperature, it will directly cause rapid condensation on the surface of the lens and inside the cutting head.

☆At this time, attention should be paid to the selection of the vaporizer of the liquid gas source.

☆Condensation will affect the cutting quality, and in severe cases, it will cause serious damage to the optical lens and cutting head.




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