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What are the characteristics of laser engraving machine?

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Laser engraving machine is a non-contact processing equipment.It collects materials through various lenses under the reflection of laser light. The laser energy on the surface causes the temperature of the surface of the processed material to evaporate to achieve the effect of cutting. The friction phenomenon does not occur during the process, the laser processing speed is very fast and accurate, and no noise is generated during the processing. So what are the other characteristics of laser engraving machine? Let’s check it out.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

The features of laser engraving machine

The four advantages comparing to traditional technology

The application of laser engraving machine in industry

1.  The features of laser engraving machine

(1) Can mark metal and non-metal materials, especially high hardness, high melting point or brittle materials.

(2) Fast processing speed, low operating cost, stable quality, good durability and high degree of automation. Laser engraving machine is ideal for mass production.

(3) Laser engraving is non-contact marking, which will not cause stress on the material. It does not change the physical properties of the material being processed.

(4) Laser is a clean and safe process as it is chemical proof, waterproof, oil, grease and fuel proof.

(5) Because the spot size of the laser beam (after focusing) is smaller and the heat-affected zone is much smaller, fine processing that cannot be achieved by other traditional methods can be achieved.

(6) Laser engraving is a flexible process that can mark text, alphanumerics, logos, barcodes, graphics, images, two-dimensional data matrix codes, etc.

(7) This is a user-friendly and cost-effective marking solution because there are almost no consumables.

(8) Laser engraving improves the aesthetic value and monetary value of the product, making the product more attractive and attractive.

2. The four advantages comparing to traditional technology

(1) The laser engraving machine is applied in various fields, and its market potential is huge, and there is a lot of room for improvement. Laser engraving machine has unique engraving technology, high net value, exquisite engraving technology, good controllability and plasticity, and simple and convenient operation.

(2) Compared with traditional manual engraving, the engraving efficiency of laser engraving machine is very high, it can be guaranteed in safety, can meet the needs of various industries, and has made a breakthrough in our processing industry.

(3) The traditional hand engraving has a good effect on the depth and accuracy of laser engraving. The products processed by laser engraving are beautiful and vivid, and the laser engraving processing technology has gradually replaced the traditional hand processing technology.

(4) Non-metallic laser engraving machine, laser surface material, high-temperature processing to evaporate or melt, and no mechanical engraving, so products that do not deform and process, design pattern engraving and more complex, many areas use laser engraving, engraving Very obvious and very durable, it is immortal if it is not affected by external forces.

3. The application of laser engraving machine in industry

Laser marking machines are widely used in integrated circuit chips, computer parts, industrial bearings, clocks, electronic communications products, aerospace parts, auto parts, household appliances, hardware tools, molds, wires and cables, food packaging, jewelry, tobacco and other industries Most products.

For example, In the advertising and gift industry, laser engraving machines can sculpt sand table models, billboards, light boxes, embossed medals, two-color plate plates, three-dimensional door heads and stone houses in the Vatican, etc., and laser engraving materials such as two-color plates, plexiglass , Wood, marble, plywood, MDF, etc., to create a variety of products for different objects, is an advertising company and gift manufacturer that benefit the most.

In conclusion, laser engraving machine have these advantages compared with traditional  machine. That’s why laser engraving machine is becoming more and more popular in all kinds of industry right now. We also provide Laser Cutting Machine, CNC Wood Working Machine, follow us!






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