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The related precautions for using a laser marking machine

With the innovation of industrial technology, an increasing number of technological devices have started to appear in people's lives. Laser marking machine is a typical example, it uses laser to mark various materials to complete the material, especially within the electronics industry laser marking machine is more and more accepted by more people. Although the demand for laser marking machine equipment is very wide, but many people do not know how to properly operate the laser marking machine. This article will combine the characteristics of laser marking machine, for a simple knowledge inventory.


·The common types of laser marking machine.

·The precautions for using a laser marking machine.

·The market demand for fiber laser marking machine.


The common types of laser marking machine.


Laser marking machine is mainly used in computer accessories, industrial bearings, clocks and watches, electronics and communication products and other industries. The most common laser marking machines on the market are mainly CO2 laser marking machines and fiber marking machines.


The precautions for using a laser marking machine.


·Start up

Before turning on the laser marking machine, check the power cord of the marking machine to make it connected correctly and reliably. Then, insert the key switch and rotate 90o clockwise to the "on" position to turn on the main power. The power indicator light is on. Wait for the light to come on and make sure the laser button is in the pressed state.



Select the marking file, double click the date and time in the content to modify, click to confirm, the modification is complete.


·Marking test

On the workbench or production line, place a test piece of equal height to the marked workpiece and make sure the test piece is indeed placed steadily. Marking is performed by operating the marking control software. To make the best marking effect, adjust the focal length by adjusting the light head lifting device. Or, adjust the power, marking speed and other parameters in the marking software. Wait for the test is correct, and then re-mark on the workpiece.


These are the main operating steps of the laser marking machine. After the production task is finished, the operation steps to turn off the laser marking machine are as follows: Turn the key switch counterclockwise, then turn off the total power supply of the marking machine, and the power indicator goes off to unplug the key for next use. It is worth noting that the laser marking machine should be used in a dust-free, 10℃-35℃ environment as far as possible to keep the optics dry and dust-free.


The market demand for fiber laser marking machine.


Fiber laser marking machine as a modern precision processing method, it uses laser to do processing means, and the workpiece without the role of processing force, with no contact, no cutting force, the advantages of small thermal impact, to ensure the original accuracy of the workpiece. In addition, laser processing has no pollution source, is a clean and pollution-free high environmental protection processing technology. Fiber laser marking machine is welcomed by many companies with so many advantages. It is expected that in the future, the social demand for fiber laser marking machine will be bigger and bigger.


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