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The main processes of laser cutting machines.

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The main processes of laser cutting machines.

The cutting industry has different kinds of technology, and laser cutting is currently popular with major companies. This is because laser cutting represents modern technology. Laser cutting has a high degree of flexibility, fast cutting speeds, high productivity and short product production cycles, which has won customers a wide range of markets. Laser cutting machines have many functions and are currently used in a wide range of fields. This article will provide a brief analysis and introduction to the working principle of laser cutting machines.


  • The main working processes of laser cutting machines.

  • Factors affecting the cutting quality of laser cutting machines.

  • The recommend reasons for using laser cutting machines.


1. The main working processes of laser cutting machines.


The laser cutting system generally consists of a laser generator, a beam transmission component, a table, a microcomputer numerical control cabinet, a cooler and a computer. The laser cutting machine is a laser beam that is emitted from the laser and focused into a high power density laser beam by the optical path system. The cutting technology uses the energy released when the laser beam hits the surface of the sheet metal to melt the sheet metal and have the slag blown away by gas. As a result, laser cutting machines are highly efficient.


2. Factors affecting the cutting quality of laser cutting machines.


  • Table accuracy

Table accuracy is an important factor in the quality of the cut. If the accuracy of the table is very high, the accuracy of the cut is also increased. The accuracy of the table is therefore also a very important factor in measuring the accuracy of the laser generator.


  • Cutting material

Laser cutting machines can cut a wide range of materials. But the different materials cut will also affect the accuracy of the laser cutting machine. In the same case, cutting stainless steel and cutting aluminium its accuracy will be very different, stainless steel cutting accuracy will be higher, and the cut surface will be smoother.


  • Focal diameter

One of the advantages of laser cutting is the high energy density of the beam. However, as the energy density is inversely proportional to the area, the focal spot diameter is as small as possible in order to produce a narrow cut; the focal spot diameter is also proportional to the depth of focus of the lens. The smaller the focal depth of the focusing lens, the smaller the focal spot diameter.


In short, cutting accuracy is the first element to judge the quality of CNC laser cutting machines. When operating again, we need to take the above elements into consideration. Our laser cutting machines are highly accurate and repeatable, and as long as your operation is correct, there will generally not be much error in accuracy.


3. The recommend reasons for using laser cutting machines.


Laser cutting machines are fast, efficient and easy to operate and can complete the cutting of a wide range of shapes of plates. In addition, the laser cutting machine in the use of the process does not require mould or tool change, shortening the preparation time cycle, saving a lot of consumables costs and labour costs. For each laser cutting machine, we have strict quality control. The high precision of the process makes the laser cutting machine stable in performance, processing the product without stamping, processing the surface without burrs and without secondary processing.


The above is all the information about laser cutting machine, our company is a new high-tech modern enterprise specialising in the production of laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, and laser marking machines. Our company believes that a good reputation and excellent service as well as an enterprising determination are essential for success. If you need more information, please pay attention to our company, our company will provide you with the best quality service.





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