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You are here: Home » News » Industry News » Shandong Shenhua: Establishing a Leadership Brand Opens the International Market

Shandong Shenhua: Establishing a Leadership Brand Opens the International Market

Views:0     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2016-01-29      Origin:Site

  Shandong Shenhua Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is a company integrating R&D, design, manufacture and sales of laser processing equipment. Since its establishment in 1995, after 11 years of hard work, the company has grown from small to large, from weak to strong, and has become the same industry. The leader in the middle. The company has a final assembly line, advanced research and testing equipment. Now, in addition to the outer casing of the equipment, the electrical parts are all developed, designed and produced by Shenhui Laser. The company uses technology and accessories from the United States, Japan, and Taiwan. There are carbon dioxide laser, RF laser, YAG laser, semiconductor laser, fiber laser, imported motor, imported stainless steel linear guide, drive, etc. The products produced are of stable quality, high precision, fast speed and can engrave accurate images.
  As the largest laser company in the north of China, Shenhui Laser has strong equipment research and development and manufacturing capabilities. Various models and specifications of products have gathered advanced opto-mechatronics technology to achieve performance, precision and appearance. The perfect combination. The company has a number of products that have obtained the national utility model patent technology certificate, and the products have been technologically innovative and marketed all over the world. The company has formed the production and processing capabilities of laser engraving, marking, cutting, coding and other processes. It can provide customers with a series of complete laser processing equipment. Its main products are: laser engraving machine, laser cutting Machines, laser seal engraving machines, photosensitive machines, CNC machines, etc., are widely used in stamps, plate making, craft gifts, clothing, leather, embroidery, electronics industry, metal signs and other fields.

First-class quality and perfect service have won the praise and trust of Chinese and foreign customers and users. On June 15, 2006, the company's employees participated in the product industry exchange meeting held in Japan under the leadership of General Manager Zhang Hongjun. The company launched its new main product in this exhibition. During the exhibition, Shenhua Laser was favored by customers in the packaging, printing, clothing, leather and electronics industries at home and abroad with its full range of products, large scale, complete system and cash. Not only that, but international buyers from all over the world also expressed their appreciation for the products of Shenhua. Before the company booth, the customers were crowded and flowing. The machines that the company carried at the exhibition were all subscribed on the spot by customers. This move laid the foundation for the company's products in the Japanese market, and thus increased the promotion of products in the international market. Up to now, Shenhua's products are sold well in China and exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as Korea, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iraq, Italy, Russia and Turkey. At present, exports account for 30% of the total sales of God's laser products.
      God painted laser products enjoy a high reputation at home and abroad. Since 2003, Zhang Hongjun has invested 3.8 million yuan to purchase land and build factories, and embarked on the road of self-employment. At present, Shenhua Laser has passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification, and the products have passed the European CE certification. The company has a well-trained, dedicated and dedicated research and production team. There are 107 enterprises in the company, and there are 23 engineers and technicians. There are many young people, full of vigor and vitality. The company recruits talented people and many technical backbones are all hired by Zhang Hongjun with high salary. With the expansion of the company's products, the company has built a more complete factory to meet the needs of development. We believe that with the completion of the new plant, a brand-new enterprise has been born. Under the new environment, new equipment and new system, Shenhua Laser will return the society with new achievements and return customers.