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Quickly understand the application of fiber laser marking machine in carbon steel materials

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Carbon steel is also called carbon steel. Carbon steel is a basic material that has been used as early as possible in modern industry and has a huge amount of use. The wear resistance of carbon steel is very good, the raw materials are very common, simple and easy to obtain, and the production cost is relatively low. It can be used to manufacture small load-bearing parts, iron wires, iron rings, shim irons, split pins, tie rods, and also available It is used to manufacture shafts, sprockets, gears, hooks and other parts with high strength requirements.

Fiber laser marking machine has a wide range of applications. It can mark many metal materials and most plastic materials. Most companies produce more and more types of products, and styles and patterns are manufactured and processed for the purpose of exquisite fashion. The carbon steel laser marking machine can achieve multiple functions. It only needs to change the parameters slightly, without changing the configuration, it can mark a variety of materials, and the marking effect is maintained as always, the lines are clear, it will not easily wear out, and it can be maintained for a long time. , Can easily mark many products made of carbon steel materials.

The fiber laser marking machine can perform high-precision positioning and marking. Combined with the CCD vision positioning system, it can achieve high-precision positioning and marking at any angle, any number, and any position. Some carbon steel materials such as shafts Some of the marking surfaces of products such as metal, iron rings, tie rods are not flat, or even irregular in shape, but they will not affect the marking of the laser marking machine, and the effect is still very good.

The marks processed by the fiber laser marking machine will not fade due to environmental factors, such as touch, acid and alkaline gas, high temperature, low temperature, etc., and in the current situation of more and more stringent environmental protection inspections, the processing of laser marking machines The method is free of pollution and pollution, which is conducive to the long-term development of manufacturers.





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