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Precautions of operating laser cutting machine

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   Laser cutting is inseparable from our vision. It can be widely used in life, especially in industry. With people's stringent requirements for modern processing technology, laser cutting has been unanimously recognized by many consumers. Laser cutting machines not only help users improve effective production quality, but also improve work efficiency. But how long is the service life of a laser cutting machine? This is also a question that customers are more concerned about. We will share with you today how to extend the effective life of the laser cutting machine!

   A good laser cutting machine, its maintenance and care are also very important. After use, all the water inside must be drained to prevent the circulating water in the laser tube from freezing.

When starting to work, the laser current must be preheated for 5 minutes before it can work. If it is colder winter or humid weather, the preheating time needs to be longer.

When using the "laser high voltage" key to dial, the laser power supply is in a standby state, so as not to encounter the manual light emitting laser when the computer is operating, which may cause personal injury. After working for a period of time, if the processing is not continuous, the power should be turned off. When the machine is processing, the operator should not leave the job without authorization to avoid accidents. If you work continuously for more than 5 hours, you can rest for half an hour before continuing to work.

Keep away from the interference of equipment with high power to avoid malfunction of the machine, so try to avoid this phenomenon. If you encounter some large-scale bulldozers, electric welding machines and some oversized output devices, stay away.


      If in some places where the network is unstable, users can install a power supply above 3000W to prevent unstable voltage and burn out the circuit or computer.

The guide rail is one of the important equipment of the laser cutting machine. During its work, the processed material will generate a lot of dust. The method is to wipe the previous lubricating oil and dust on it with a rag, and then Then apply a layer of lubricating oil on the top or side. The normal maintenance cycle is once a week.

      A large amount of dust will accumulate in the fan during long-term work, and this dust will directly affect the exhaust efficiency of the fan, which will cause a large amount of smoke to be unable to be discharged. The maintenance method is to disassemble the exhaust pipe and the connecting throat of the fan Use a rag to clean the dust inside. It can be cleaned up once a month.

Since the machine is working continuously for a long time, the screws at the connection of the machine and equipment will be loosened, which directly affects the smoothness of the mechanical movement. Therefore, the screws must be tightened one by one after a period of time.

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