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Non-woven felt wedding products laser processing solution

Wedding supplies mainly refer to the products and props used in weddings and weddings. With the continuous development of the wedding industry, non-woven wedding supplies are also full of variety.

All kinds of decorative decorations needed for wedding activities, such as: wedding flowers, lanterns, window blinds, three-dimensional pendants, red envelopes, invitations, wedding couplets, etc. Non-woven wedding products are rich in color, bright and bright, fashionable and environmentally friendly, beautiful and elegant, with various patterns and styles, and are lightweight, environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Non-woven wedding supplies laser engraving is based on numerical control technology, and laser is the processing medium. Non-woven fabrics are melted and gasified under laser irradiation for the purpose of processing. Laser engraving has no contact with the surface of the material, and is not affected by mechanical movement. The surface will not deform, and generally does not need to be fixed. It is not affected by the elasticity and flexibility of the material, which is convenient for soft materials. High processing accuracy, fast speed, and wide application fields.

Laser cutting of non-woven wedding articles uses the energy released when a laser beam is irradiated onto the surface of the non-woven fabric to melt the fabric and blow away the slag by gas. The laser source generally uses a carbon dioxide laser beam. The power level is lower than that required by many domestic electric heaters. However, the laser beam is concentrated in a small area through lenses and mirrors. The high concentration of energy enables rapid local heating to melt the material.

Laser cutting of non-woven wedding supplies replaces the traditional mechanical knife with an invisible beam. It has high accuracy, fast laser cutting speed, smooth and flat cuts, and generally does not require subsequent processing. The cutting heat affected zone is small, the plate deformation is small, and the slit is cut. Narrow; no mechanical stress and no shear burrs; high processing accuracy, good repeatability, and no damage to the surface of the material; NC programming, can process any plan, the cut blank does not need to be further processed; can be large The whole board is cut without the need to open a mold, which is economical and time-saving, and has low processing costs.

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