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Laser industry observation: the scale and trend of China's laser market in 2022

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 Laser industry observation: the scale and trend of China's laser market in 2022

3. Development in the direction of higher power, better beam quality, shorter wavelength and faster frequency:

In the field of industrial lasers, fiber lasers have made great progress in terms of output power, beam quality and brightness. However, higher power can improve the processing speed, optimize the processing quality, expand the processing field to heavy industrial manufacturing, and be applied to cutting, welding, surface treatment, etc. in automobile manufacturing, aerospace manufacturing, energy, machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, rail transit construction, scientific research and other fields. The power index requirements of fiber lasers are constantly improving. Corresponding device manufacturers need to constantly improve the performance of core devices (such as high-power semiconductor laser chips and gain fibers), and the improvement of fiber laser power also needs advanced laser modulation technologies such as beam combining and power synthesis, which will bring new requirements and challenges to high-power semiconductor laser chip manufacturers. In addition, the development of shorter wavelength, more wavelength and faster (ultra fast) lasers is also an important direction. They are mainly used in precision micro processing such as integrated circuit chips, display, consumer electronics, aerospace, and life science, medical treatment, sensing and other fields, which also put forward new requirements for semiconductor laser chips.

4. The demand for optoelectronic components for high-power lasers has further increased:

The R & D and industrialization of high-power fiber lasers is the result of the collaborative progress of the industrial chain. It needs the support of core optoelectronic components such as pump sources, isolators and beam combiners. Optoelectronic components used for high-power fiber lasers are the foundation and key components of its R & D and production. The continuous expansion of the high-power fiber laser market also drives the market demand of core components such as high-power semiconductor laser chips. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of the domestic fiber laser technology level, it has become an inevitable trend to realize import substitution. The global laser market share will also continue to increase, bringing great opportunities to the optoelectronic component manufacturers with outstanding local strength.

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