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Laser industry observation: the scale and trend of China's laser market in 2022

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Laser industry observation: the scale and trend of China's laser market in 2022

 Laser industry observation: the scale and trend of China's laser market in 2022 

China's laser industry is developing rapidly and has obvious competitive advantages. Its share in the global laser market has also continued to increase. In 2020, China's laser market will reach US $10.91 billion, accounting for 66.12% of the global laser market. It is expected to reach US $14.74 billion in 2022.

Due to the excellent performance and strong applicability of fiber lasers, the market share has increased rapidly in the past decade. It occupies more than half of the market, and has an obvious leading position compared with solid-state lasers, gas lasers, semiconductor lasers, etc.

The development trend of fiber laser is below:

  1.  Semiconductor laser chips and other core components have been gradually localized: 

    High power fiber laser pump source is the main application field of semiconductor laser. High power semiconductor laser chip and module are important components of fiber laser. In recent years, China's fiber laser industry is in a rapid growth stage, and the degree of localization is increasing year by year. From the perspective of market penetration, in the low-power fiber laser market, the domestic laser market share is as high as 99.01%; In the medium power fiber laser market, the penetration rate of domestic lasers has been maintained at more than 50% in recent years; The localization process of high-power fiber lasers is also gradually advancing, reaching a penetration rate of 55.56%. However, core components such as high-power semiconductor laser chips still rely on imports, and laser upstream components with semiconductor laser chips as the core are gradually being localized. On the one hand, the market scale of domestic laser upstream components will be increased; on the other hand, with the localization of upstream core components, the ability of domestic laser manufacturers to participate in international competition will be improved.

  2. The penetration speed of laser application field is accelerated and the scope is changed:

    With the gradual localization of upstream core optoelectronic components, the application cost of lasers will gradually drop, and lasers will penetrate into many industries. On the one hand, as far as China is concerned, laser processing is also in line with the ten major application fields of China's manufacturing industry. It is expected that the application fields of laser processing will be further expanded and the market scale will be further expanded in the future. On the other hand, with the continuous popularization and development of technologies such as unmanned driving, advanced auxiliary driving system, service-oriented robot and 3D sensor, it will be more applied to many fields such as automobile, artificial intelligence, consumer electronics, face recognition, optical communication and national defense research. As the core device or component of the above laser application, the semiconductor laser will also have a space for rapid development.

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