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Laser engraving machine maintenance guidelines

Views:97     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2016-10-29      Origin:Site

Laser engraving machine maintenance guidelines
First, the linear guide rails add lubricants
Laser engraving machine to use for some time, carving, cutting the smoke, dust on the guide rail corrosion, so regular maintenance guide.
Turn off the laser engraver, clean the rails with a clean, soft cloth, and then drop the lubricant on the rails. Finish the oil so that the slider rolls back and forth on the rails to ensure that the lubricant enters the interior of the slide. On the end of the oil in the slide back and forth in the slider to look at, then need to first rail installed, pay attention to when loading rails do not first fixed, to be fixed all the nails installed to maintain the level of the belt and slider fixed, And then fitted with a good lens, dimming the whereabouts of the whereabouts of X is completed.
Second, the mirror | Focus lens wipe
Laser cutting machine after a period of time, smoke dust will be attached to the lens surface, affecting the sculpture, cutting depth, will also affect the carving, cutting accuracy. Generally in about a week (according to the laser cutting machine | engraving machine frequency) with anhydrous alcohol will be three mirrors, a focus lens carefully wipe clean.
Third, the bearing oil
In order to ensure good cutting, carving effect, part of the bearing needs regular refueling (except oil-bearing), with a clean soft cloth to wipe the bearing on the floating soil, with the needle inhaled needle tube, and then use Needle slowly into the bearing, the oil slowly rotating bearing can be.
Fourth, timing belt (belt) elastic adjustment
Laser cutting machine in the transmission system has a number of timing belt, if the timing belt is too loose, there will be ghosting engraving font situation, if the belt is too tight, will cause belt wear. After use for a period of time, please adjust the timing belt tensioning screws, the timing belt to adjust to the appropriate elastic, engraving text does not appear ghosting, and laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine running noise is very appropriate, or consult the manufacturers of technology personnel.
Fifth, the maintenance of the laser tube
Laser engraving machine in the use of recycled water cooling pipe, long-term use down, the tube will have some white scale there, we can add a small amount of vinegar in the circulating water, remove the tube ditch, and then clean Water will be washed inside the laser tube clean, so that the laser tube will be in the best working condition, life will be extended.