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Laser engraving machine engraving technology in the shoe industry

Views:21     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2016-09-21      Origin:Site

Laser engraving machine engraving technology in the shoe industry
Engraving laser engraving functions to improve efficiency, so that a smooth surface is carved at, round, rapidly reduce the temperature carved non-metallic materials, deformation and stress reduction are carved objects; can be widely used for a variety of non-metallic materials in the field of fine carving. Therefore, in the leather, textile and garment, footwear, glass industry gradually been widely used. The main application of laser engraving machine marked flowers, laser engraving machine embroidery, laser engraving machine spray.
Laser engraving machine three applications in the shoe industry
First, laser engraving machine embroidery. Traditional textile fabric production processes require post-mill flower, hot, embossing and other processing, and laser engraving machine burning spent on this area has produced convenient, fast, flexible design transformation, image clear, strong sense of three-dimensional, can fully demonstrate various fabric qualities finish, and lasting for years, and other advantages. The laser engraving machine embroidery main adaptation enterprises: deep processing of fabrics, textile fabric finishing plants, garment garment factories, surface materials and processing enterprises.
Second, laser engraving machine spray. By laser irradiation of a laser engraving machine CNC vaporized dye denim fabric surface, thereby making the image will not fade patterns, gradients flower, cats should be matte and other effects on a variety of denim fabric. Laser engraving machine as a cowboy spray processing is an emerging, there is huge market space and processing profits. So it is very suitable for denim garment factory, washing plant, processing, and other enterprises and individuals cowboy series of deep processing of value-added products.
Third, laser engraving machine standard flower. Laser engraving machine is mainly used in the standard flower leather fabric, the advantages of laser engraving machine that can quickly carving and hollowing out the various designs in a variety of leather, fabric, and flexible operation, at the same time does not make any leather surface deformation to reflect the color and texture of the leather itself. So popular shoe, shoe, luggage, leather goods, handbags, leather clothes and other processing manufacturers welcome.
Currently, laser engraving machine is the most mature field of laser processing technology, the most widely used technology. I believe the scope of application of laser engraving machine will go further.
Laser engraving machine used in cutting and carving craft shoe is the result of the trend towards personalized development. When the laser is irradiated to the surface of shoe, due to instantaneous high temperature, it can be vaporized shoe surface, sports and computer controlled laser power, thereby forming a pattern all kinds of tricks to produce personalized full of shoe fabric.