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Laser cutting fashion gloves

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Laser cutting fashion gloves, let temperature and fashion coexist

In the cold winter, MMs have taken measures to prevent the cold and keep warm, so how to survive the winter with both temperature and fashion? The so-called ten fingers connected to the heart, so how can the warmth on the fingertips be easily overlooked? If girls' hands are always cold in winter, it will affect their psychological response, so not only do we need to keep warm, our cute little hands also need good care. ! Therefore, gloves have become one of the most popular "artifacts" for keeping warm in winter, and their role in keeping warm is self-evident. In addition to warmth, gloves also have decorative functions. A stylish and atmospheric glove can make your beauty delicate to your fingertips.

In recent years, with the development of domestic laser technology, laser cutting technology has been widely used in the textile and apparel industry, and laser cutting machines have also brought more design inspiration and processing convenience to glove production.

In the field of glove processing, laser cutting machines can accurately and quickly cut a variety of soft fabrics such as mesh, leather, cloth, wool, cotton, linen, and chemical fiber. Any graphics can be drawn by software and processed by equipment. If you use a camera positioning laser cutting machine, you can efficiently cut the preset graphics along the edge of the fabric on the knitted and embroidered gloves. If you use a mirror laser cutting machine, you can use the mirror function to accurately and quickly cut the symmetrical graphics of the glove, thereby improving the utilization of materials and saving time for typesetting. Does the laser cutting machine feel like a "magic wand"? Boldly adopt modern laser cutting technology

Opening the door of cross-border integration, gloves have transformed from practical to gorgeous. Exquisite workmanship and exquisite laser cutting technology have transformed gloves into accessories for decorating hands. In the evolution of fashion trends, gloves have evolved into an object that expresses noble taste. Laser-cut fashionable gloves are a finishing touch to make winter dress no longer dull and monotonous!







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