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Laser Marking Machine Selection Guide

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Laser marking machines have been extremely common in industrial applications. How to choose suitable and reasonably priced laser equipment in the face of numerous laser equipment?

1. Principles to be followed:

Laser processing technology has many valuable features. However, specific to whether a product is suitable for adopting this technology, the following principles should be followed:

(1) It can't be solved by other existing methods, it can only be solved by laser processing;

(2) It can be solved by other existing processing methods, but if the laser processing method is adopted, it can greatly improve product quality, increase production efficiency and significantly increase economic and social benefits;

(3) Full consideration should be given to those matching links related to laser processing in the processing flow;

(4) Pay attention to the application of combined laser processing and conventional processing technology in order to make full use of their respective strengths;

(5) In practical applications, if the economy is not tight, it is recommended to purchase imported configurations, because some domestic technologies do not meet the requirements, and foreign configuration machines have stable performance and less after-sales maintenance, which greatly improves work efficiency.

2. Specific requirements when selecting lasers:

(1) Good beam quality of laser output, including mode and mode stability;

(2) Whether the output power of the laser is large enough (this is the key to speed and effect) and whether the energy is stable (usually 2% stability is required, and in some cases 1% is required, so that the ideal effect can be processed);

(3) The laser should have high reliability and be able to work continuously in harsh industrial processing environments;

(4) The laser itself should have good maintainability, fault diagnosis and interlocking functions, and the downtime should be short;

(5) The operation is simple and convenient, and the control keys have clear functions, which can reject illegal operations and protect the laser from damage.

In addition, price is also an important factor to consider.





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