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How to maintain a laser cutting machine?

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How to maintain a laser cutting machine?

The laser is a very widely used light source in modern technology. Unlike ordinary light, which depends on spontaneous radiation only for a very short time initially, the process thereafter is entirely determined by the excitation radiation, the laser has a very pure colour, almost non-dispersive directionality, very high luminous intensity and high coherence. It is because of these properties that laser cutting has become so widely used.


The product to be introduced in this article is the laser cutting machine and information on the basic maintenance of the laser cutting machine will be highlighted in this article.


The specific methods of maintaining laser cutting machines.


·External cleaning

Clean the inside of the laser cutting machine's chassis and the dust and dirt on top of the dust cover every day. The cleaning is simple, just wipe it clean with a clean rag. This is done to avoid dust entering the interior of the laser cutting machine, which can affect the performance of the housing.


·Cooling system maintenance

The water inside the water cooler needs to be replaced regularly, generally at a frequency of one month. Water cooler as a circulating water is responsible for cooling the laser and other parts of the equipment, long time use of water quality is prone to the formation of scale, thus blocking reduce the cooling effect.


·Temperature control

Temperature is an important factor affecting laser cutting machines. Be sure to ensure the cleanliness of the chiller and heat dissipation, chiller temperature is generally maintained at 22 ℃ -28 ℃, different seasons to pay attention to adjust the temperature, it is best to change the water every month after the release of dirty water, it is best to first use distilled water or pure water first cycle once, then put away, and then inject new water from the new.


The above is the main maintenance of the laser cutting machine, in addition to the above-mentioned points, maintenance to comply with high pressure safety procedures. Every 40 hours of operation or weekly maintenance, every 1000 hours of operation or every six months maintenance in accordance with the rules and procedures.


The importance of maintaining laser cutter.


The main purpose of maintaining a laser cutting machine is to extend its service life. Laser cutting machines are not cheap because laser cutting consumes more costs than traditional cutting. So extend the life of the laser cutting machine as much as possible in order to better save production costs, which is done to better control costs.


The recommended reasons for using laser cutters.


Laser cutting is one of the thermal cutting methods. The laser cutting method has a high level of efficiency. The laser cutting machine can be used to process all kinds of complex structures, as long as any image can be drawn on the computer. Our laser cutting machines are fast, with narrow slits, smooth cutting surfaces and low material consumption, which makes for a great experience.


Through the above, do you already have a certain understanding of laser cutting machines? Our company is a professional manufacturer of large laser cutting machines and we produce various models of laser cutting machines. If you want to know more about laser cutting machine, please contact us promptly. Our company believes that excellent service and determination are the keys to success. By integrating light, electricity, precision mechanics and CNC with modern management, our company can provide you with the best quality products.





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