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How to care for laser cutting machine?

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How to care for laser cutting machine?

In the international market in recent years, the fiber laser cutting machine, a newly invented new cutting machine product, this cutting machine product has absolute advantages in both cutting speed and mechanical volume. Therefore, the fiber laser cutting machine has been widely used in the metal industry. It becomes more and more popular. However, whether you use it for yourself or you are reselling the machine, you may operate the machine well. Due to the lack of proper maintenance, especially in the bad weather season, the necessary maintenance of the fiber laser cutting machine is particularly important. But how? I believe many people don't know. Today we share some tips for maintaining fiber laser cutting machine.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

  • The daily and regular maintenance of laser cutting machine

  • The weekly and irregular maintenance of laser cutting machine

1.  The daily and regular maintenance of laser cutting machine

(1) Before starting the laser cutting machine, carefully check the pressure of the laser working gas and cutting gas. If the gas pressure is not enough, it should be replaced.

(2) Check whether the x-axis zero, y-axis zero, z-axis zero, and laser-ready status buttons are damaged (check the indicators).

(3) Check if the x-axis, y-axis, z-axis zero point, limit switch, impact block mounting screws are loose, and the limit switches of each axis are sensitive.

(4) Check whether the chiller of the laser cutting machine in the circulating water is sufficient, and if not, add it in time.

(5) Inspect the water seepage outside the road, and the water seepage must be handled in time, otherwise the service life of the optical lens will be affected.

(6) After the day of cutting, inspect the lens of the laser cutting machine for damage.

(7) Check whether the telescopic cavity of the external light path is burned out.

(8) After the daily work, clean up the chips, clean up the work site, and keep the work site tidy. At the same time, do a good job of cleaning the equipment to ensure that all parts of the equipment are clean and free of dirt, and no debris can be placed on the equipment components.

(9) After the daily work is completed, open the drain valve of the air compressor at the bottom of the compressor to drain water. After the waste water is discharged, close the drain valve.

(10) After the daily work is completed, press the shutdown procedure to shut down the laser cutting machine, and then turn off the main power of the entire machine.

2.  The weekly and irregular maintenance of laser cutting machine

(1) Regularly clean up the debris of the laser cutting machine at the outlet to ensure ventilation.

(2) Regularly check the filters of the laser cutting machine in the airways, and remove water and debris in the filters in a timely manner.

(3) Regularly inspect the travel switch bracket and bracket screws.

(4) Clean the dust of the filter screen of the ventilation fan of the electrical control cabinet to ensure good ventilation to facilitate the cooling of the internal electrical components.

(5) Reasonably and timely clean up the crumbs on the bed rails to avoid damaging the rails and extend the life of the rails.

(6) After the machine tool is installed, adjust the level of the machine tool over a period of time and readjust the machine tool to ensure the cutting accuracy

(7) X-axis guide and screw, y-axis guide and lead screw, z-axis guide and lead screw are filled with oil every other week to keep the moving parts lubricated. Bar life.

(8) According to the workshop environment, from time to time (at least once a month) check the pollution of the mirror surface and the focus of the mirror surface, and clean the optical lens in time to ensure its service life.

So after reading the tips, do you have the knowledge of maintain the laser cutting machine now? If you want other product like Laser Engraving Machine, CNC Wood Working Machine, just click us!






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