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How safe use of laser engraving machine?

Views:26     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2016-09-24      Origin:Site

How safe use of laser engraving machine?
Engraving laser engraving functions to improve efficiency, so that a smooth surface is carved at, round, can be widely used in the fields of fine carving. Proper and safe use of laser engraving machine, in order to better play to the efficiency of the laser engraving machine. So how safe use of laser engraving machine? Here we summarize some of the laser engraving machine safety guide,
1, to avoid eye contact with the laser laser engraving machine.
2, using a laser in a controlled area, and add warning signs.
3, may not be used without permission, it can only have trained personnel to operate the laser engraving machine.
4, as far as possible around the beam path is closed to prevent leakage of the laser.
5, wear appropriate laser goggles.
6, to avoid the body into the laser beam and the reflected engraving machine range.
7 is prohibited to place any total reflection or diffuse reflection objects do not want to shut in the laser engraving machine in order to prevent the laser direct reflection on the human body or flammable materials.
8, sculpture next to the object you want to make the appropriate cover.
9, the laser light source just to avoid the erection eye height.
10, note that laser engraving machine processing environment exhaust ventilation or condition.
11, near the laser engraving machine is strictly prohibited to place flammable, explosive materials, in order to prevent the laser fires deviation occurs.