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God painted laser marking machine equipment use precautions

Views:0     Author:Shenhui god painting     Publish Time: 2019-07-29      Origin:Site

God painted laser marking machine equipment use precautions

First, matters needing attention and daily maintenance:

1,laser marking machineWhen working, you cannot touch or collide with the scanning workbench movable beam;

2. The laser and optical lens are fragile, and should be handled with care and avoid vibration;

3. When there is a malfunction in the machine, the work should be stopped immediately and handled by professional staff;

4. It is strictly forbidden to start the laser power supply when the water is not normal or the water circulation is abnormal.

5, pay attention to the order of the switch, the current must be adjusted to about 5A when shutting down;

6. Note that the marking machine width must not exceed the working surface;

7, pay attention to keep the indoor and machine surface clean and tidy;

8, pay attention to keep the internal circulating water clean, regularly clean the water tank and replace the deionized water or pure water;

9. It is strictly forbidden to start the laser power supply and sound and light power supply under the condition that the waterless or water circulation is abnormal.

10. The sound and light power supply is not allowed to work at no load (ie, the output end of the sound and light power supply is suspended);

11. An abnormal phenomenon occurs. First, turn off the emergency stop switch and check again.

12. Note that the laser power output (anode) should not be suspended to prevent ignition and breakdown between other electrical appliances;

13. Regularly check each optical lens for dirt (the duration depends on the working environment), and scrub if there is dirt in case of emergency.

Second, the environmental requirements:

1, temperature: 5 ~ 40 ° C;

2, relative humidity: 30% ~ 80% (no condensation);

3, there are ventilation equipment, no strong vibration, no heating body around;

4, clean and dust free.

Third, the machine maintenance:

1. The cooling water must be pure, non-sticky, often replaced, using distilled water;

2. Keep the workbench and work surface clean and tidy;

3. Keep the scanning workbench guide rail clean and regularly remove dust with a soft brush;

4. When the scanning table slide bar is running unevenly, apply some lubricating oil on the axle;

5, the mirror and the transmission mirror should be regularly rubbed with cotton fiber and alcohol;

6. The cover of the power supply part should be locked to prevent the metal from falling into the circuit and damaging the circuit. This machine is a laser high-tech product. The scanning workbench used is a precision instrument. Pay attention to keeping the working environment sanitary. Before starting the laser, check whether the water cooling system is normal to ensure the safety of the laser. After the laser is started, do not approach the optical path. . If the circuit fails or a laser power failure occurs, ask a professional to repair it.

7,laser marking machineIt should be placed in a dry, clean and ventilated place, away from the main access of workers to work and transport the workpiece.

8,laser marking machineThe wiring should not be touched.

9. Unless the manufacturer authorizes, the laser marking parameters should not be changed.

10. When working,laser marking machineThe outer casing may generate static electricity, which may cause inconvenience to the operator, so the plug is preferably grounded.

11. In order to prevent the sudden power failure caused by poor plug contact and prevent the sudden high current in the circuit from impacting on the laser marking machine, it is recommended that the laser marking machine be connected to the power supply through the circuit breaker.

12. In order to prevent lightning damage, the laser marking machine should be turned off and the power supply should be cut off.

Fourth, the elimination of common faults:

  1. The scanning workbench does not move, and it is checked sequentially:

2. Is the power supply connected?

3. Is the transmission line connected?

5. There is laser output, but even if the current is adjusted to a large value, it is still very shallow. Check:

1. Adjust the focal length to be accurate;

2. Whether the pump works normally;

3. Whether the water pump and the inlet pipe leak water;

4. Whether the optical path system is offset;

5. Whether there is dirt on the surface of the mirror or the mirror.

Sixth, the laser scribe line is not straight, check:

1. Whether the light pen head screw is loose;

2. Whether the rail belt is tight and uncomfortable.