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Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Marking Machines

Laser marking machine belongs to a kind of marking machine, which has a wide range of applications. Laser marking machine uses laser beams to put permanent marks on the surface of various different substances. The effect of marking is to reveal the deeper material through the evaporation of the surface material, thus engraving beautiful patterns, trademarks and text. In recent years, with the progress of the quality of life level, people's pursuit of laser marking machine is also more and more. This article will take stock of some common questions about laser marking machines to answer your doubts.


·How to select a Laser Marking Machine?

·How to maintain a Laser Marking Machine?

·What is the focus of research on laser marking machines?


How to select a Laser Marking Machine?


It is important to pick a good laser marking machine to see if the cooling equipment of the laser marking machine is good. Generally speaking, whether the cooling system's water pipes leak will affect the laser's power, which requires consideration of the laser marking machine manufacturer's production scale and quality testing.


How to maintain a Laser Marking Machine?


·Check the wiring

Check the power plug and each connecting wire connector for looseness, check each connector part for poor contact.


·Clean foreign matter

Clean the laser air outlet dust to ensure normal heat dissipation. Clean the dust, waste nodes and other foreign objects inside the equipment, use vacuum cleaner, alcohol and dust-free cloth to remove dust, dirt and foreign objects. Prevent there is an obligation to enter the interior of the equipment, thus affecting the accuracy and efficiency of the laser marking machine.


·Safety precautions

Do not put your head or hand into the machine during the operation of the laser marking machine, so as not to cause personal injury, it is best to wear safety equipment.


Our laser marking machine maintenance to have a cycle, in general, laser marking machine after a period of time, if not pay attention to the daily maintenance, its functions are susceptible to certain losses, will directly affect the marking effect, marking speed and the life of the laser equipment. Although our laser marking machine has a strict quality control, but if not regularly checked, there will still be problems with the use.


What is the focus of research on laser marking machines?


For the scientific team, laser marking machine research focuses on how to improve output power and conversion efficiency, optimize beam quality, shorten the length of the gain fiber, improve system stability and make it smaller and more compact. It is worth noting that because the laser medium of the fiber laser itself is the wave-guiding medium, the scourge of high efficiency; fiber laser can be easily and efficiently connected to the fiber optic transmission system, the fiber core can be made very thin, can achieve high power density; fiber heat dissipation performance is good. It is expected that in the future, the focus of research in the field of laser marking machine will be reflected in these aspects.


The above is the main introduction of laser marking machine, our laser marking machine laser processing with high energy density, short time, small heat-affected zone, small thermal deformation, thermal stress and other characteristics, will not affect the internal electrical properties. As a Chinese high-tech industry, we have strict requirements for the quality of laser marking machine. If you need to know more about laser marking machine, please pay attention to our company.





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