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Food, medicine, mineral water bottle laser coding is more efficient

It is mainly used for accurate laser coding of packaging, bottles, cans, bags and other materials such as beverages, food, drugs, tobacco and alcohol. The main content of the code: the three-phase marking of the package, the electronic supervision code of the medicine box and the two-dimensional code marking of various packages, which are directly connected with the Food and Drug Administration and the corresponding system.

Program Features

1. Login user rights management function;

2. Can be directly connected to the packaging box (bag) assembly line;

3. There is no obvious thermal effect on the marking process on the pill box (bag), and it will not damage the packaging;

4. The marking information is uniform, no obvious uneven feeling, high discoloration contrast, easy to read, and no obvious smoke is generated during the coding process;

5. It can be equipped with fiber laser, carbon dioxide laser, green laser and ultraviolet laser according to different materials.

work process

Docking with the assembly line-starting equipment-automatic coding

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