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Acrylic can still play like this, laser technology makes 3D acrylic shapes

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Recently, a team of engineers from Germany used laser cutting and welding to use the basic principles of layered manufacturing to make acrylic sheets into complex 3D shapes.

These developers explained, “Laser cutting machines are used for rapid prototyping because they are fast, but they can only produce flat two-dimensional objects. To create non-planar objects, one way is to slice horizontally. Cut the objects, then stack them and glue them together." But this usually means a lot of manual work, which loses the meaning of rapid manufacturing.

And their design cleverly combines CAD design and laser cutting acrylic, and the whole process is fully automated and integrated, and the final effect is also impressive.

In daily life, laser cutting acrylic sheets is not uncommon. Because acrylic has the advantages of waterproof, moisture-proof, UV-proof, corrosion resistance, high light transmittance and crystal texture, the street signs and advertising light boxes that can be seen everywhere in the city are mostly made of acrylic material. The transparent texture is used in the production of furniture, and the effect is also unique. .

The high-precision CO2 laser cutting machine launched by Shenhui Laser is suitable for cutting acrylic plates, ceramics, advertising decorations and craft gifts. It has the characteristics of high cutting efficiency, small heat-affected zone, beautiful and firm cutting seams, and low operating cost. It is processing Advanced flexible processing tools necessary for high-quality products.

Product advantages

● Marble gantry structure and linear motor platform realize high-speed and high-efficiency operation and effectively improve production efficiency;

● The optical path of the whole machine is a fixed optical path, the external optical path is maintenance-free, and the consumption of wearing parts is very small;

● CCD visual positioning, can monitor the micro-machining process from time to time;

● Professional laser cutting software, with graphics nesting and sharp corner smoothing processing functions, can achieve high-speed punching and marking functions;

● Integrated structure design, the overall layout is compact and reasonable, and the floor space is small.







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