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  • The company participated in the 22nd Canton fair

    The 22nd Canton Fair was held in Guangzhou on October 15, 2017. Our company actively participated in the exhibition, showing the company's brand and image well, and received unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad.

  • On October 15-19,2017 the 122th Canton fair

    Liaocheng Shenhui Laser Equipment Co.,Ltd.in 2017 to attend the Canton fair on October 15 to 19, for this exhibition, our company made full preparation, prepare a few highly welcome machine.

  • In 2017, the 121th Canton fair review

    In 2017 the 121th China import and export commodities fair (Canton fair),had been on April 15, 2017-19 (5 days), China import and export commodities fair in guangzhou held a grand pa state exhibition center, and a happy ending.liaocheng shenhui laser equipment co., LTD.

  • Laser engraving machine maintenance guidelines

    Laser engraving machine maintenance guidelinesFirst, the linear guide rails add lubricantsLaser engraving machine to use for some time, carving, cutting the smoke, dust on the guide rail corrosion, so regular maintenance guide.Turn off the laser engraver, clean the rails with a clean, soft cloth, an

  • Different industries laser engraving machine purchase skills

    Different industries laser engraving machine purchase skillsLaser engraving machine on the market products, there are machines imported machines, domestic design and production of machinery, imported parts assembled in the domestic machinery, a professional engraving machine, a professional marking machine, a professional cutting Machine, there are two or more functions of the machine, then how should buy it?1) after-sales service:Laser engraving machine laser tubes, reflective lenses are consumables, have a certain life, after the expiration of the need to be replaced. This requires manufacturers to provide a strong after-sales service guarantee, you can provide these supplies in a timely manner.2) Product qualityThe same is a laser engraving machine, using the parts are not the same, the following examples:A) stepper motor: the laser engraving machine is related to the accuracy of the carving, and some manufacturers choose to import stepper motor, some joint venture factory productio