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Industry News

  • [Industry News] Laser engraving machine maintenance guidelines

    Laser engraving machine maintenance guidelinesFirst, the linear guide rails add lubricantsLaser engraving machine to use for some time, carving, cutting the smoke, dust on the guide rail corrosion, so regular maintenance guide.Turn off the laser engraver, clean the rails with a clean, soft cloth, an

  • [Industry News] Different industries laser engraving machine purchase skills

    Different industries laser engraving machine purchase skillsLaser engraving machine on the market products, there are machines imported machines, domestic design and production of machinery, imported parts assembled in the domestic machinery, a professional engraving machine, a professional marking machine, a professional cutting Machine, there are two or more functions of the machine, then how should buy it?1) after-sales service:Laser engraving machine laser tubes, reflective lenses are consumables, have a certain life, after the expiration of the need to be replaced. This requires manufacturers to provide a strong after-sales service guarantee, you can provide these supplies in a timely manner.2) Product qualityThe same is a laser engraving machine, using the parts are not the same, the following examples:A) stepper motor: the laser engraving machine is related to the accuracy of the carving, and some manufacturers choose to import stepper motor, some joint venture factory productio

  • [Industry News] How safe use of laser engraving machine?

    How safe use of laser engraving machine?Engraving laser engraving functions to improve efficiency, so that a smooth surface is carved at, round, can be widely used in the fields of fine carving. Proper and safe use of laser engraving machine, in order to better play to the efficiency of the laser engraving machine. So how safe use of laser engraving machine? Here we summarize some of the laser engraving machine safety guide,1, to avoid eye contact with the laser laser engraving machine.2, using a laser in a controlled area, and add warning signs.3, may not be used without permission, it can only have trained personnel to operate the laser engraving machine.4, as far as possible around the beam path is closed to prevent leakage of the laser.5, wear appropriate laser goggles.6, to avoid the body into the laser beam and the reflected engraving machine range.7 is prohibited to place any total reflection or diffuse reflection objects do not want to shut in the laser engraving machine in ord

  • [Industry News] Laser engraving machine lens cleaning method

    Laser engraving machine lens cleaning methodLens is an important part of the engraving machine, the following gave you the method of cleaning laser engraving machine lens: laser engraving machine has three mirrors and a focusing mirror (1 mirror located emitted at the outlet of the laser tube, that is, the upper left corner of the machine, in the beam 2, the left end of the mirror, the mirror 3 located at the top portion of the laser head is fixed, the lower portion of the focusing lens of the laser head can be adjusted in the lens barrel), laser light is reflected back through the lens, from the laser focus head emitted. Lens easily coated with dust or other pollutants, causing loss or damage to the laser lens, No. 1 and No. 2 lens cleaning Needless to remove, simply wipe moistened with cleaning fluid lens paper carefully along the lens center to the rotary wiping edge. 3 lenses and focusing mirror frames need to remove in the same way, after wiping finished back to its origin.      N

  • [Industry News] Laser Engraving Machine Tips

    Laser Engraving Machine TipsLaser engraving and cutting, the process is very simple, as the use of computers and printers to print on paper. You can use in Win98 / Win2000 / WinXP environment variety of graphics processing software, such as CorelDraw and other design, scanning graphics, vector graphics and a variety of CAD files can easily "print" to the engraving machine. The only difference is, print the toner to the paper coating, and laser engraving is over almost all of the incident laser material wood, acrylic, plastic plates, metal plates, stone and other.Laser engraving by engraving mode can be divided into lattice vector cutting and engraving:◆ lattice carvingEngraving resembles high-resolution dot matrix printing. Laser head from side to side, each carving out a series of points of a line, then the laser head moves up and down while carving out a number of lines, constituting the final full-page image or text. Graphics, text and vector graphics can be used to scan a dot engra

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