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Shenhui Culture

Shenhui Culture Talent

Shenhui knows deeply: The competition between enterprises is basically talent competition. No excellent talent, no excellent products, and no excellent enterprise.

Talent is efficiency.

Shenhui collected domestic and overseas talent for operation management, science & technology research and development,marketing and specialist counselors. Continuous optimized talent structure and excellent stimulating system creates Shenhui today leading position in China and global laser processing equipment domain small and medium power.


Shenhui Culture Technique

Shenhui knows deeply losing technique equals to losing market,so Shenhui has been engaged in transforming laser technique from “making”to“creation”,from“property”to“knowledge”and provide clients with the most excellent laser processing solving scheme.

Technique is soul of enterprises,as well as the key of creating core competing strength.

Shenhui technique innovation is the one made on the basis of users’demand, so each achievement is able to lead the market, highlighting enormous economic and social benefits, and brings users quick rise of benefits.With years of continuous independent innovation,Shenhui set up independent innovation system which is dominated by laser,mechanical design,laser power and CNC system research.

Shenhui Culture Management

Management creates brand. Management creates benefits.

Creating value for users is Shenhui’s  duty and mission of each management aspects in products life.To achieve this target,we always carry on “lean management”which takes rejecting waste(man power,material resource,time,space),speeding flow and increasing quality as core. We reduce midterm cost, strengthen quality through standardized production,zero stock, less workers to meet clients’ requirements for quality, price and delivery time.

Meanwhile Shenhui company constantly enriches and innovates marketing methods, strengthens information management,perfect employees skill training and inside competing system to set up harmonious modern enterprise system.


Shenhui Culture Service

Shenhui sales net covers China and all over the world.Wholesome clients file,perfect quality supervision system,well educated technical team, unified and normative service action and unobstructed and fast information communicating channel ensure Shenhui company prompt,complete,detailed and high quality service during prior sale,selling and after sale.



Looking forward to the future,shenhui laser adhear to the principle of improvement of the quality. Shenhui person is striving to make their product as world-known brand and to be trust worthy provider for laser solution.


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